There is no better time than now to start being more attentive and choosy with what you fuel your mind, body and spirit with. Cannabidiol, often called simply CBD, is found in items ranging from baked goods to coffee to skin creams. It can help with everything from anxiety to migraines to pain. There’s CBD cuisine, massage and yoga too!

CBD, an alternative natural medicine, is derived from hemp and is distinct from the chemical THC found in marijuana which is known to produce the “high” associated with cannabis. While CBD doesn’t get you high, proponents of the compound has noticeable impacts on mind and body.

There’s a lot of uncertainty around CBD, its legal status, health benefits, and how it affects people. In this broadcast, you will learn about the power of CBD, how the compound is used and how it works. Join co-hosts Robert Allen & Holli Ehrlich and our featured guests who share personal stories and provide valuable information about the issues surrounding cannabis: medical, legal, financial, security, quality control and research on hemp & CBD, health, fitness and wellness benefits for people and their pets. Learn about medical marijuana and WHY everybody should consider taking CBD. 

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Guests in order of appearance:

Scott Rudder, NJCBA

Dr. Vincent Leonti & Jenna Richardson, Princeton Integrative Health

Dana Belka:

*Raul Barreiro & John Entrada, Elated Elephants

Norman S. Chevlin, Plant Your Financial Seed

*Dr. Craig Leivent, Flower Power Coffee

*Jeffrey Devine, Strictly CBD Email Jeffrey: 

Diane Nickerson, Cat’s Eye Security 

*Jessie Gill, Marijuana Mommy

Salam Diri & Estefania Valencia, Sanna CBD Yoga

*Oleg MaryAces, Lock & Key Remedies

*Joseph Wilker, Cool Breeze Distributors

*Jonathon Rojas, Green Passion Industries

*Jade Sancho-Duser, RX MaryJade Email 

*KymB, Cannabis with KymB/Tribe Tokes

Feel free to contact these professionals directly to learn what’s best for you, your friends and family.

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