Cannabis and CBD as Medicine for Health & Wellness
This Happened on Thursday, May 2, 2019 - 7:00 PM | Livingston, NJ

With Adult Use legalization of marijuana coming to New Jersey, more and more people are seeking reliable information on cannabis-related health products and how to use them properly and effectively to treat themselves and their families.

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It’s controversial. It’s confusing. It’s cannabis.

Cannabis has a rich history that spans back to the oldest civilizations. Because it’s been around for so long, there are a lot of myths, misconceptions, and falsehoods that everyone should be aware of.  With nationwide legalization of marijuana coming, more and more people are seeking reliable information on how to use it safely, properly and effectively to treat themselves and their families. Interest is growing in cannabis-related health products, especially those made with CBD, a cannabinoid that has healing properties without the psychoactive effects of THC. 

Similar to any medicine, the consumer should always do their research. Robert Allen & Holli Ehrlich, co-founders Canna Pop-Up, are on a mission to educate communities about cannabis as a natural, plant-based therapy that everyone deserves to consider for healthcare. They want to elevate one’s understanding of cannabinoids for health and wellness and discuss how the endocannabinoid system plays a crucial role in regulating our mind, body, and spirit.

An amazing line-up of medical professionals includes Dr. David Cunic, Dr. Craig Leivent, Nurses Jessie Gill, Wendy Britt and Gal Ghivoni. These educators and advocates will answer some of the most pressing questions about CBD and cannabis and how it can ease chronic and acute health issues such as pain, insomnia, inflammation, depression, anxiety, stress, and more.

This Canna Pop-Up event is on Thursday, May 2 at Studio355 located at 355 Eisenhower Parkway in Livingston. Doors open at 7:00 pm.

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Cannabis as Medicine

May 2, 2019

7:00 pm
Doors Open


Doors open at 7:00. Choose your seats and then shop for 20 minutes. 

7:20 pm

Event Producers, Holli Ehrlich and Robert Allen

Holli and Robert welcome message and outline of the evening. 

7:30 pm
Educational Program


Enjoy presentations and interviews with medical and business professionals and patient testimonials. Your questions will be answered.

9:00 Pm
Up Close with the CBD Brands of Richmond CBD Supply Co


Sample and shop for high-quality CBD products.

Robert Allen & Holli Ehrlich

Robert Allen & Holli Ehrlich

Event Producers

Hosted by

Robert Allen & Holli Ehrlich

Canna Pop-Up


Meet Our Speakers

Nico Escondido

Nico Escondido

High Times - Chief Cannabis Officer

Nico Escondido is an owner, Director, and the Chief Cannabis Officer of Trans High Corporation, the parent company for all High Times brands, including all media and event platforms. Since 2006, Mr. Escondido has penned hundreds of articles relating to the cultivation, science, and technologies involved with the cannabis plant. In 2010, when High Times moved its iconic Cannabis Cup event from Amsterdam to the U.S., Mr. Escondido was tasked with taking over the competition and bringing it into the modern medical age through lab testing, patient-testing, digital algorithms, and online apps, all while navigating the complex regulatory and compliance issues of each medical marijuana state where the event was held.

Edmund DeVeaux

Edmund DeVeaux

Strategic Advisor - New Jersey Canna Business Association

Mr. DeVeaux, a graduate of Rutgers University and a commissioned officer in the United States Army, brings a wealth of state and national private, public, and not-for-profit sector experience to this team. Mr. DeVeaux’s professional career began in New Jersey state government, which was highlighted by his role as a capital budget analyst in the New Jersey Department of the Treasury – Office of Management and Budget. In that role, Mr. DeVeaux oversaw the capital budgets and related projects for the New Jersey departments of Corrections, Human Services, New Jersey State Police, and the Department of State. Mr. DeVeaux went on to serve as the Aide to the Mayor, City of New Brunswick, New Jersey; and as special assistant to US Senator Bill Bradley.
David M. Cunic
David M. Cunic

Licensed Physical Therapist

David M. Cunic is a licensed physical therapist, business consultant, certified leadership coach, and cannabis industry expert. He has been involved in the cannabis testing lab sector for over six years, and teaches medical professionals as well as the public U.C.S.: Use Cannabis Safely.

As a licensed physical therapist, David’s expertise in sports medicine, orthopedics and manual therapy has allowed him to work with prestigious doctors from numerous professional and Olympic sports teams. In 2010, he won the prestigious Sloan Award for Workplace Flexibility and Effectiveness which honors organizations that are using workplace flexibility as a strategy to make work “work” better – for both the employer and the employee.

Dr. Craig Leivent
Dr. Craig Leivent


Dr. Craig Leivent is a native New Yorker with a doctorate in Pharmacology and a degree in Botany combining modern medicine and plant chemistry. His 20 years of clinical experience treating patients in multiple settings and with very diverse diseases has given him a unique outlook on health. He has been studying the benefits cannabidiol (CBD) has on the human body from anecdotal evidence to clinical research.

Wendy Britt
Wendy Britt

Licensed Practical Nurse

Wendy Britt has been a Licensed Practical Nurse since 1999 and has cared for patients in a variety of clinical settings including-  Acute Neuroscience and Telemetry, Sub-Acute Rehabilitation, Long-Term Care, Dementia Care, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Pediatric Homecare.

Wendy is currently an active Member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, is a Certified Managed Care Nurse via the American Association of Managed Care Nurses and has started a Cannabis Nurse Consulting business to provide CBD and cannabis education for healthcare providers, patients, caregivers and the Community. Wendy also promotes activism for continued medical cannabis research and accessibility to whole plant medicine for all.

Jessie Gill, RN
Jessie Gill, RN

Cannabis Nurse and the Marijuana Mommy

Jessie Gill, RN is a cannabis nurse with a background in holistic health and hospice.  After suffering a spinal injury, she reluctantly became a medical marijuana patient then quickly transitioned into an advocate.  Her site, educates about cannabis while challenging the stigma against marijuana use.  She’s been featured on Viceland and her work has appeared on VICE, GoodHousekeeping, Cosmopolitan, MSN, and more.

Rick Cusick

Rick Cusick

High Times - Associate Editor

Rick Cusick has been a writer, activist and businessman in the cannabis space for over twenty years. In 2016 he co-founded Whoopi & Maya Medical Cannabis with the actress Whoopi Goldberg in San Francisco. He was the associate publisher of High Times magazine for over ten years and, before that, served as its coeditor and ad director. During the 1980s he was vice-president of operations for ICI Mortgage Corp, a major lender in West Orange, N.J. and has been a published writer for over fifty years. Rick currently lives in Upper Montclair and is working on a book about the art of lying.s.

Gal Ghivoni
Gal Ghivoni

Registered Nurse

Gal Ghivoni RN, BSN earned her Nursing degree with honors from Ramapo College with a minor in psychology. Since learning about the medicinal uses of cannabis in 2014, Gal has been striving for the forefront of the field – attending medical conferences, visiting USA and international experts and their facilities, researching and using holistic and alternative medicine practices to better care for her patients. Gal has worked in major regional hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, and visits Medicare and Medicaid patients in their homes. She currently works at various surgery centers across northern New Jersey as a recovery room nurse and also holds a nursing administrator role. Gal is currently a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, NJ NORML, and the Cannabis Nurses Network. She is licensed in both NJ and California. Gal is an advocate and educator for cannabinoid therapy, as well as whole food plant based medicine, and is working towards starting her own cannabis consulting business. 

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