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Throughout history people have taken to the streets in protest to change the world.  Even if it's just to change their part of the world.  Over the last few weeks we have done just that.  Here in Livingston, NJ where Canna Pop-Up is based, the township officials...

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10 NJ Dining (and drinking) trends for the year ahead

10 NJ Dining (and drinking) trends for the year ahead

After the December 20th (2018) event in Livingston Holli & Robert were interviewed by Esther Davidowitz, Food Editor of the North Jersey Record, who was reporting on Food Trends for 2019. While marijuana may not be legal in NJ ... yet, CBD — the non-intoxicating,...

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“Cannabis is going to be a big part of our future from medical purposes to social scenes and everything in between. This plant is a benefit to humankind; not a hindrance.”
–Philip Wolf

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