Throughout history people have taken to the streets in protest to change the world.  Even if it’s just to change their part of the world.  Over the last few weeks we have done just that.  Here in Livingston, NJ where Canna Pop-Up is based, the township officials proposed an ordinance to ban cannabis business of any kind.  That did not sit well with us and many of our fellow community members.  

In addition to appearing before both Livingston’s Planning Board, Mayor  and Town Council we sent letters to the Editor of the West Essex Tribune, our local newpaper. 

We are happy to report that due to our efforts the Town Council has pulled the ordinance from their next meeting and will take up again in 2020 after what we hope will be a townwide discussion.


Letter From Robert Allen

Letter From Holli Ehrlich

Cannabis is a confusing and controversial topic. Thank you to Jessie Gill, Cannabis Nurse, Advocate & Patient for providing professional guidance and input regarding the proposed ban.

Column From Nancy B. Dinar Former West Essex Tribune Editor

From West Essex Tribune November 21, 2019

Letter to the Editor

From Jeff Sternstein



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