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Canna Pop-Up Livingston, NJ 10-10-19

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Lilly Pearl Beauty

LillyPearlBeauty Co.body care is expertly crafted by a Licensed Skincare Specialist, with over 13 years of experience crafting plant-based alternatives to chemical laden products. We take the time to responsibly source Ingredients that are intensely beneficial, plant-based, certified organic, and non-GMO. We then meticulously infuse Full Spectrum, CO2 extracted, Phytocannabinoid dense, Hemp extract, rich not only in CBD but also CBG, CBC, and CBN

Mindleaf CBD

Here at Mindleaf, there are certain things that are important to us. One is harnessing the all-natural healing properties of hemp and cannabis plants. Another is keeping our treats healthy and satisfying for all of our customers. Our team has spent years developing ways to keep our snacks tasting delicious while maintaining the holistic benefits of these wonderful plants. Whether you’re trying to minimize stress, manage pain, or just have a really great day, we’re with you every step of the way. It’s our personal goal to spread wellness while we tease your tastebuds, so go ahead, feed your mind.

Zen Coffee - Hemp Canna Ghee

USA-grown legal hemp (“Rise Up strain, ~21.4% CBD and <0.088% THC), organic grass-fed ghee and sunflower lecithin. Contains no milk proteins or lactose and approx 3x LESS than the legal federal limits for THC.

2-4 servings per sample can be used on toast, to fry an egg, for baking, blended in coffee or as a healthy butter substitute.
Minute amounts of THC (<0.088%).
Tends to relax and calm.
Do not eat all at once.


Every once in a while you’ll find a company that looks at industry regulations and says, “This just isn’t good enough. We need to adhere to higher standards than that.”

Cherry has gone to great expense and effort to be one of those unusually picky, uncompromising companies. In fact that’s why we named ourselves “Cherry” as in Cherry picked.


Cargus International is a family-owned medical and dental supplies company, that has been serving healthcare industry professionals for over 40 years. We are committed to producing only the highest quality wellness products, including our all-natural CBD oils and ointments. Our mission with the MARK3 CBD brand is to provide the purest and most effective CBD products on the market.

Lock & Key Remedies

We aim to be the bridge between scientific & medical communities and the consumer who is looking for all-natural, safe and effective alternatives to pharmaceutical medications. Driven by personal and family health issues we saw a need for high-quality cannabis oils. Based in Brooklyn New York, we began developing our product lineup in 2016 and have continued our research & product development ever since. 

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