There are new and emerging health concerns and expectations in terms of how they are treated. Pharmacology is a field of study that helps create new knowledge: knowledge about new drugs, new therapies, new sources, and new therapeutic targets. Cannabis is a medicine that can heal you and our guests today are all advocates of natural, plant-based therapies that everyone deserves to consider.

In this webcast you will learn about the role of the pharmacologist when counseling patients, cannabis for healthcare, and have a better understanding of cannabinoids, THC, CBD, labeling, dosage, formulations, delivery methods and the dispensary experience. 

Dr. Craig Leivent

Doctor of Pharmacology

Brian Essenter, RPh

Medical Marijuana Counselor / Pharmacist

MM Consult CT

Chaniece Doyle

Pharm. D Candidate l 2020

UNM College of Pharmacy 

ASHP-SSHP President l 2018-2019

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