We love Viceland’s series Bong Appetit. They elevate cannabis cuisine bringing in well-known chefs and helping them make their already delicious dishes a little greener. One of our favorite episodes is “Is Cannabis the New Kale?”.

LIVESTRONG.COM food editor Erin Mosbaugh speaks with the television show’s cohosts Vanessa Lavorato and Ry Prichard about their take on cannabis culture on their Stronger podcast. They discuss the health benefits of cannabis including its effectiveness as a sleep aid and relaxant and its potential to help cancer patients and others who are suffering and its growth as a recreational choice as increasing legalization happens around the country. “We’re really just trying to normalize it. We need people to understand that cannabis is nothing to be afraid of, that it’s natural, that it’s helpful,” Prichard says. Lavorato added that the food angle is giving people a new way in. “It’s so fun to get creative and see these chefs get their minds open. We’re giving them a new spice for their arsenal.”

What Do YOU Think? Have you tried cannabis edibles? Are you a fan of “Bong Appetit”? Let us know about your experiences in the comments below.

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