In both difficult as well as prosperous times, a solid financial plan is key. For 28 years, Norman S. Chevlin, Certified Financial Planner, has been providing financial solutions for personal wealth management, insurance, investment, estate, business legacy, retirement, college, special needs and long-term care planning for individuals and their families, entrepreneurs, and employees. Today Norman is on a mission to assist, educate, and help grow the wealth of cannabis-hemp business owners, their valued employees, and their families as your GO TO CFP®️ at servicing the Greater New York City area and licensed in many states nationwide. 

Norman is a trusted, knowledgeable professional advisor who completed his Masters in Cannabis and is Dispensary licensed for NJ & NY. In this interview Norman answers questions that discuss employee protections in the workplace, the risks versus rewards investing in the cannabis space, and how can one make sure they have the proper personal insurances in place to protect their business with Buy-Sell and Key-Man insurance. Norman provides his financial family with the peace of mind they deserve & desire. The earlier you plant that Financial Seed, the more time your Financial Tree will have to flourish for all generations to enjoy. 

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