THE PIVOT Let’s start a conversation about what business is like in the legal cannabis space. The focus is on exploring opportunities and rewarding careers in the emerging cannabis industry providing a snapshot of the current landscape. THE TRAILBLAZERS Some of the best leaders in New Jersey’s cannabis space share real-world experiences in an industry on the rise. Hear stories, challenges, successes, & valuable insights from leaders we trust. EXPLORING OPPORTUNITIES Beyond the present uncertainty caused by the legal situation, we see the real opportunity to explore and exploit the health benefits of a poorly understood plant that already has several proven medical uses. Working in cannabis is about helping people who need treatment they may not be able to get any other way. THE TIME IS NOW Learn more about a massive market opportunity; the rapidly growing multi-billion dollar cannabis industry. JOIN THE CANNAVERSATION You do not have to live in New Jersey to tune in! Our popular POP TALKS are available online and can be watched anywhere in the world. 

The cannabis industry is unlike any industry you have ever worked in. We invited professionals who understand the cannabis landscape to allow you to be more prepared for this exciting once-in-a-generation opportunity.

Tara “Misu” Sargente – CEO/Founder Blazin’ Bakerythe first LEGAL edibles company in NJ est. 2009

Harry Carpenter – CPA, Partner, Citrin Cooperman, New Jersey Leader – Cannabis Advisory Service Group

Ray Owens CPA, Tax Manager at Citrin Cooperman, LLP

Cindi Galvin, BCB Bank Business Development/Marketing MRB/CBD Specialist 

James RabornBCB Bank Chief Administrative Officer

Jessica F. Gonzalez, Esq. – Bressler, Amery, and Ross PCCannabis and IP Attorney, General Counsel Minorities for Medical Marijuana

Oleg MaryAces Lock & Key Remedies Director of Education and Marketing

Joel GreengrassCary Wellness Montclair NJ, Theramu

Michael McQueenyGenova Burns LLC Counsel & Chair of the Cannabis Practice Group

Holly DeLorenzoHardenbergh Insurance Group Business Development – Cannabis, Health Care, & Construction Industries

Jason Thomas – Founder, Grassroots Collaboration Group 

Stu Zakim – President, Bridge Strategic Communications


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